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Planning Your Special Event

We pride ourselves in being able to meet everyone’s catering needs. The following steps will help you through the process of organizing your special function.

Arranging and Reserving a Date

Even if the date of the event is only tentative, please make arrangements with the catering department so that we can at least get you on our records. All other information such as location, number of guests, time of the function, and menu selection, need to be decided at least 7 business days before the function. You may contact the catering department at (304) 696-2534 or (304) 696-3391 or contact us on our website at

Reserving a Location

Whether the event is to take place on campus or off, the location reservation needs to be confirmed before we will deliver. To make a room reservation, you may contact Facilities Scheduling at (304) 696-2537.

Contact the Catering Office

At least 7 days before the event, contact the catering office at (304) 696-2534 or (304) 696-3391 or email us at or contact us through our website at or stop by our office located in the Memorial Student Center. Some arrangements can be made by phone or email, others require an appointment with the Catering Coordinator, Cheryl Bailey. This is the time for a thorough discussion of all specifics and details. We can help you make all the necessary decisions to determine which of the services that we offer would best fit your needs. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30AM - 5:00PM, closed on some Holidays.

After we have finalized all the details of your special event, you will receive an invoice to review and confirm before the function.  Delivery time is not an indication of when your event will be setup, it is a guide for our staff.  If you require an item setup by a specific time, please contact our office and specify what time.  Please ensure that doors are open and that catering knows the best way to deliver to your locations. All cancellations and final changes, including the customer guarantee count and payment, MUST take place at least 3 business days prior to your function. If you do not contact us with a final count within the 3 business days allowed, we will prepare for the estimated number and charge accordingly.


All catered functions must have a secured payment before they occur. Cash, checks, credit cards, state purchase cards, and university purchase orders are all valid payment methods. NonUniversity related groups are required to make a 50% deposit at least 30 days prior to event with the balance due at the conclusion of the event. Tax exempt organizations are required to submit a copy of their exemption certificate prior to their date. The certificate may be faxed to (304) 696-2535.


Your guaranteed number of guests represents the minimum billing. Should the number of guests in attendance exceed the number guaranteed, it will reflect in the final bill.

Refund and Credits

Individual requests for refunds and credits are handled on an event by event basis.  Please contact the Catering Office for details. Request will be settled within 48 hours.

Delivery Fees

There is no delivery fee for catering services held within the Memorial Student Center. Deliveries outside the building will be subject to a of $12.50 for on-campus deliveries and up to $12.50 per mile outside of campus. If china is requested for a function held outside the Memorial Student Center, an additional china delivery charge will be assessed based upon the number to guests in attendance, up to $500. 

Alcohol Service/Policy

An Alcohol Beverage Request Form must be completed and signed in order to have alcohol served at your event. All alcoholic Beverages must be dispensed only by Sodexo`s bartender(s). Positive action shall be taken to insure that no person under the age of 21 is served alcoholic beverages. Bartender will stop dispensing alcoholic beverages one half hour prior to the end of the event.

Customer must supply their own wine, champagne, or liquor (whiskey, vodka, etc.) which must be given to the catering office 48 hours prior to the event. We will provide beer, juices, mixers, and sodas. No alcoholic beverage is to be sold (except under special permit provision) and no exchange of money in any form, including an admission charge, is to take place. We reserve the right to refuse service of alcholic beverages to any person. Proof of age will be required. We recommend at least one bartender for every 75-100 guests.

The charge for a bartender is $35.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. An additional charge will be assessed for wine glasses and high ball glasses. The charge for glasses is $12 per rack of 36 glasses for the first 200 glasses. If more than 200 glasses is needed, the charge for wine glasses is $19 per rack of 36 as charged by our rental company.


To ensure that your event is a success, catering staff will be provided for all served meals and buffets. If an attendant/server is requested for receptions, the charge will be $35.00 per hour. This includes punch servers, cake cutters, carvers, passed wine servers, etc.

Linens and Skirting

We will provide linens and skirting for food and beverage tables at no additional charge. If you would like linen to be placed on guests tables for receptions, breaks, meeting tables and boxed lunches there will be a fee based upon the size of linen required. Other tables may be skirted and covered at $22 per skirt, or drapped for a cost of $16 per table. The same applies to registration tables, name tag, head tables, and any additional table that will not be directly used for setup. Linens for guest tables are included in the cost of our meals. Napkins can also be provided to meet your color scheme.

Set Up and Other Fees

There is a fee for special setups that are outside the Memorial Student Center for large events, this charge is based upon the size of your event and is up to $500. If the John Marshall Dining Room is reserved for your event and a request is made to change the setup of the room, a fee of $165.00 will be assessed.

Food Removal Policy

Due to health regulations, it is the policy that excess food items from events cannot be removed from the event site. Items purchased for pick up should be properly stored prior to the event and removed and disposed of by the host of the event.

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